Jolie & Simon’s Wedding at Winchester Guildhall & Shawford Parish Hall

We couldn’t have asked for a more cosy, festive and energetic wedding to end our year than Jolie and Simon’s. They got married just a couple of days before Christmas in Winchester with a ceremony at Winchester Guildhall and a Ceilidh wedding reception at Shawford Parish Hall.

The weather was ridiculous – stormy, rainy, windy and dark. But none of that mattered. Jolie and Simon had worked so hard to make their wedding day so inviting and colourful. Where better place to be than under the fairy lights, eating pies and dancing with friends and family?

One particular favourite part of the day for us was when the entire wedding party was transported from the ceremony to the village hall in a Routemaster. Christmas tunes blasted from the back of the bus as it made its merry way through the streets of Winchester. Everyone was huddled together in a steamy-windowed bus. It was a perfect winter wedding.

This was our first Ceilidh and it was brilliant. There were absolutely no awkward shuffling dances. Everyone took part and gave it their all. The routines seemed really complicated when the Caller was talking through the steps but somehow, after a minute or so, everything clicked. We weren’t quite sure how they kept their energy levels up – the sugar rush from the home baked dessert table must have helped things considerably.

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2 comments on “Jolie & Simon’s Wedding at Winchester Guildhall & Shawford Parish Hall

  • Amy Wass

    Lovely winter wedding, really atmospheric photos. Love the website redesign too!

  • Jennifer

    Beautiful first post for your yummy new website.

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