Janey and Mark’s Wedding at Chaffeymoor Grange, Dorset

We turned up at Chaffeymoor Grange to find a bunch of people sat in the garden trying to work out how to make paper pom-poms. Despite talks of a strike and allocating a member of the wedding party to act as a Union Rep, the speed at which they were piling the wooden table with these paper balls was pretty impressive. It was the jolliest Sweatshop Factory I’ve ever seen.

In short, everyone was chipping in to make sure Janey and Mark’s wedding day was a memorable one. With full run of the house for a few days everyone was already looking quite settled into their weekend home.

Janey and Mark are expert designers and right from the outset they were determined to fill their day with lots of “Make-and-Do decor” and, as they put it in their first enquiry to us, “with a hint of country gorgeousness”.

Their take on this was right up our street, right down to the gigantic ampersand in the ceremony room and their music-themed table decorations.

We were very pleased (after working together on the same wedding loads, but never actually putting a face to a name) to bump into the supremely talented Sabine from “G Lily ” who did a marvellous job (as always) on the garden-style flowers.

We stuck around until the wedding breakfast. But stumbling on their brilliant “Honesty Bar” sign it looked like the party was good to go for the rest of the weekend.

A party, in a beautiful house, with happy friends and family, good music and a stash of Port is the perfect recipe for an excellent wedding.

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3 comments on “Janey and Mark’s Wedding at Chaffeymoor Grange, Dorset

  • Isabelle

    Hi, thank you for sharing your beautiful wedding pictures- it looks perfect! I am particularly interested in how the honesty box worked? Did you suggest a price? What would you do differently? I am leaning toward this idea as I don’t want a mobile bar which rips people off but I’m worried about getting enough booze in and how to phrase the honesty box idea to guests.
    Looking forward to hearing from you!

  • James

    Wow what a beautiful day. We too are considering the honesty bar idea and would really appreciate any advice. Obviously our main concern is that people have a few drinks and forget to pay. Would appreciate any words of advice you might have to offer.

    Many thanks.

    • Emma

      Have you considered getting one of your wedding party (like an usher) to act as a cashkeeper? I don’t think it would be considered rude for someone to do the rounds with a little tin towards the end of the night just to check everyone’s paid their way. If you had a confident, friendly pal who could do this in a little tongue-in-cheek manner I don’t think it would cause any embarrassment. You can’t really set prices for different drinks as that defeats the point of it being a “honesty” bar but you could suggest a recommended price per glass of booze?

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