Dawn and Justin’s Wedding at Chaffeymoor Grange

I’ve been known to have dreams about Chaffeymoor Grange. It’s one of those places that really sticks in your mind. Dawn and Justin’s wedding marked our fifth visit there. They’ve all been so different but what’s stood out is how comfortable and at home everyone feels there – like they’ve been staying for a week rather than a matter of hours.

We arrived this time to be greeted by a row of flying arrows. Lots of guests were staying at the house for the whole weekend and an archery class and tournament had been arranged. This kept Justin and the rest of the guests busy whilst the house was set up for the ceremony and reception, all taking place in the downstairs of the house, whilst Dawn got ready in one of the upstairs bedrooms.

The day was relaxed with close family and friends, and Basil the Basset Hound watching over the proceedings.

Dawn looked fabulous in one of my favourite Candy Anthony dresses, complete with green sash and feathered netted veil. Meanwhile the house was filled with amazing florals from G Lily (Sabine’s flowers never fail to wow me, they are always immaculately presented with punchy, classy colours). There were lots of other thoughtful details such as a handmade mosaic created by Justin and a family heirloom pocket watch set to the exact time Dawn and Justin got married.

Things were kept nice and informal for the wedding breakfast with Dawn’s Dad and Justin’s Mum saying a few words.

From all accounts everyone had a lovely stay and day at Chaffeymoor.

Posted with thanks and congratulations to Dawn and Justin x

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