Poonam & Alastair’s Wedding at Chaffeymoor Grange


We headed over to Chaffeymoor Grange recently to join Poonam and Alastair for one of our Short & Sweet days – taking in everything from getting ready to their meal sit down.

They and some of their close family and friends had full run of the house, staying over for a few days with the Oak Room transformed for their ceremony and wedding breakfast with gold shimmering voiles and floral decorations put together by Alastair’s mum.

Poonam was dressed in a beautiful coral and mint Sari which, as well as being extremely heavy, took a bit of expertise to get in to (especially keeping the headdress up!).

Sadly, although we arrived under blue skies, the rain swept in shortly after the ceremony meaning we weren’t able to make too much use of Chaffeymoor’s beautiful gardens. But we did manage to get out in short bursts when the rain eased for photos and for Poonam and Alastair to exchange garlands (which they weren’t allowed to do during the ceremony).

After the drinks reception we left the Bride and Groom to enjoy their day after all the guests sat down for their wedding breakfast.

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Thank you so much for taking such beautiful photos. You have both managed to capture all the special moments perfectly! Looking at the photos bring back that lovely feeling of the day and we can’t stop looking at them. You have both have done amazingly well and it was a pleasure to have you with us on our special day. Thank you very much for everything.

Poonam & Alastair

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