Wedding at Chaffeymoor Grange, Bourton

We recently made our way back to one of our favourite venues, Chaffeymoor Grange in Bourton near the Dorset and Somerset Border. This private house specialises in house parties, so some of the guests at this wedding were able to enjoy the whole weekend here. Lucky things!

Although we’ve photographed there a couple of times before now we’ve never seen it set up with a marquee in the garden. It was truly stunning. There were so many lovely details throughout the day and it was a blessing to be able to make the most of the house’s beautiful interior as well as the grounds.

Due to exceptional circumstances we’ve agreed to post just a few details on our blog from the day, but there should be enough to let you get a sense of the day. We’re pleased to say we’ll be back at Chaffeymoor Grange later on in the year. Every wedding is always so different there and it’s a perfect place for couples to really make the day (and the house) their own.

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3 comments on “Wedding at Chaffeymoor Grange, Bourton

  • Susie Lawrence

    Gorgeous details. Very teasy though – I want to see more! And very intriguing… was it someone famous?! Beautiful anyway.

  • Phill

    Beautiful details work as is always the case, in your case, but additionally I find it a highly evocative means of relating the story of a wedding day. Indeed it makes me keen to see more but I also love it just the way it is. Intriguing and delicious on the eye.

  • Carrie

    fab details – definitely want to see more – what’s the secret story? 😉 x

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