Our New Frames

We’ve made it even easier to order a frame to show off your wedding photos, or even give a moment of glory to your favourite shots from your Wedding Prep, Engagement or Rock The Frock Shoot.

We’ve honed down the best frames and mount variations available so all you have to do is let us know the mount number, the frame you really like, fire over your choice of shots and we’ll do the rest to make sure it looks top-notch.

All of the frames featured below come complete with fancy double-mounting to make it look really special and not like one you’ve picked up from Ikea. Double Mounting gives use the flexibility to add a flash of colour around your images to make them pop, so the mount isn’t completely plain. It doesn’t have to be a vivid colour. Sometimes adding a darker, neutral colour can make all the difference. As always, we will provide you with a proof before ordering. The price also includes delivery to a UK address.

The frames and mounts here are just a suggestion, though. If you have a particularly great idea that will work well in your home, or you’re working to a specific budget we’re sure we can find a good option for you.… Read Full Post