The Wedding of Helen and Chris at Cafe Shore, Sandbanks

First of all I should probably make a public apology to Ian for telling him to run back up to our house just as we were leaving for Helen and Chris’ wedding at Cafe Shore in Sandbanks to go and put a tie on. It was a very, very hot day you see and we’ve always said it’s more important for us to be comfortable so we can concentrate on doing our job and being able to move around easily rather than being dolled up to the nines and suffering the consequences. I probably should have known better. I knew how laid back Helen and Chris wanted their day to be and no sooner had we got out of our car we spotted Chris, the Groom and Graham the Best Man looking extremely stylish but sans tie. Sorry Ian!

Cafe Shore is a lovely, modern, tasteful wedding venue and was closed off for the whole day and night from the public so all the guests had full reign of the joint. There are loads of little nooks and crannies, bold colours and gorgeous furniture not to mention an unspoilt view of Poole Harbour and Brownsea Island.

With all the guests seated Helen’s Mum kept an eye out for the bridal Hackney Carriage.

I ran inside to stand up the front during the wedding leaving Ian to capture Helen’s arrival, so when she walked down the aisle it was a nice little treat for me too. She looked amazing in her Candy Anthony dress, pearls, pink shoes and gorgeous netted veil.

Have you got the RINGS?!? I heard him say.

Rather than present us with a long list of formal family shots the bride and groom chose just to have one family shot and then use the time wisely to enjoy the party and talk with their guests.

We share a mutual love of Britpop with this couple. Not only were our ears filled with sweet sweet tunes throughout the day, but some essential albums were used as table names. Chris put together the most amazing playlist that pumped through the speakers the whole day without any repetition. Chris – you are our playlist hero! We probably won’t ever get the chance to shoot table settings to McAlmont and Butler ever again and that’s a real shame!

Whilst everyone had their reception drinks the ceremony room was turned around for the wedding breakfast.

The speeches took place after the main meal but before dessert which seems like a very good compromise between nerves and hunger.

Helen’s very special fossil hammer.

I won’t repeat what was said.

OK, so I LOVE cake but this has to be the most beautiful alternative- three tiers of cheese. It was just incredible!

Of course, a knife’s no good for cutting cheese like this. What you need is a cheese wire.

Once the meal was over we had just a bit of time to take some couple shots over the road on the beach and on Cafe Shore’s terrace.

It was here that we discovered Chris had matching pink socks.

The beach was pretty packed but we managed to find some nice quiet spots.

Then it was time to dance! The First Dance tune of choice was Radiohead’s cover of Carly Simon’s “Nobody Does It Better”.

Despite being a fairly cloudy day the evening ended with a dramatic, pink sunset. A fitting end to a lovely wedding.

With congratulations to Helen and Chris x

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8 comments on “The Wedding of Helen and Chris at Cafe Shore, Sandbanks

  • Phill

    Brilliant, and a dozen other synonyms and superlatives. It’s always fantastic to see a couple really do their big day their way and it fits the Big Bouquet palette perfectly. The cheese cutter is genius!

  • jo

    Utterley gorgeous as always – oh i do want to live beside the seaside!

  • Amy Wass

    Love their style, the pink is awesome, the album table settings rock (or is it pop?) and of course beautifully captured.

  • Love the relaxed nature of this wedding and you’ve done a fabulous job of capturing it!

    cheese cutter is fabulous idea.

    PS I have also ditched the tie and gone short sleeved when it’s super hot! I draw the line at skirts though 🙂

  • Cristina

    Congratulations to the lovely couple! Her dress is one of the loveliest I have ever seen, and he’s got great mod-ish good looks! And – as a Britpop lover myself – I would have loved to be a guest at a wedding like this (and have a slice of that yum cake) 🙂 Fantastic job, Emma and Ian, on capturing the spirit of the day so well! I love the one of them looking out at the beautiful sunset on the balcony.

  • Kate

    Good job Emma! Some lovely shots of Helen in there, and you even got a nice one of me – a challenge at the best of times… Was good to see you again.

  • Stuart Cooper

    What a fantastic set of pictures guys. Once again you’ve nailed it! I absolutely love the post production as well, looks so lovely and clean.

  • Pixel Weddings

    beautiful pictures

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