Laura and Chris’ Wedding Prep Shoot on Brighton Beach

On a very bright and sunny day last week we made our way to Brighton to meet up with Laura and Chris. They’re getting married in November with a church ceremony and they’ve hired out The Ginger Dog for their wedding reception – I’ve just found out the Gingerbread Group (of which the Ginger Dog is part of) is responsible for the calorific, pastry-normous Pork Pie Wedding Cake. I’m in awe.

After a natter and a scope around the venue we headed down to the seafront for some photos for their prep shoot.

Laura and Chris’ Wedding is now posted, here.

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3 comments on “Laura and Chris’ Wedding Prep Shoot on Brighton Beach

  • Tracy Roeder

    Chris and Laura — your photographs are beautiful… Congratulations! Tracy

  • Marty McDougal

    Such a romantic story behind romantic engagement portraits! You have to stand on tiptoes to kiss that handsome fella, don’t you Laura? Chris, take care of our Texas girl.

  • Jen

    your photos are romantic and beautiful.

    When you are old and grey (many years from now) they will be a real treasure to look at, as they are now.

    Look out for each other and may you continue to be happy together for the rest of your lives.

    Ancient “Aunty Jen”

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