Andy & Nicola’s Bournemouth Wedding at the Town Hall – Part One

We must have looked like we were on a stakeout as we waited for Andy and his groomsmen for their pre-wedding drinks at Tapas Plus in Bournemouth. Sat, waiting on the bench opposite the restaurant, the sun was strong enough that we could convince ourselves we were in Spain on holiday rather than about to shoot a wedding in Dorset.

Estrella is our summer 2011 tipple of choice so we think it was a wise move of the boys to quench their pre-ceremony thirst here. Not only that, but it’s also just a small stroll up the road to Bournemouth Town Hall. Easy.

We’d already seen Andy in a wedding role as he made an excellent Best Man for David and Rachel’s big day last year. He was pretty calm and collected then and if he was nervous during the drinks on his own wedding day, he didn’t really show it. He was a pretty good time-keeper for everyone though, as he keenly led the troops up to the Town Hall.

Shortly after the guests were ushered into the Council Chamber the brightly dressed bridesmaids arrived, shortly followed by the Nicola in the jazziest bridal car we’ve ever seen – a polished orange Buick. Nicola looked the business in her pearls and netted veil teamed up with a bright and summery bouquet.

One bonus of getting married in Bournemouth’s Council Chamber is that close members of the family (or those that were clever enough to turn up early) have as great a view of the proceedings as the wedding photographer.

Then after some congratulations and confetti we all whisked off to the Chine Hotel for the reception.

Continues in Part Two.

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4 comments on “Andy & Nicola’s Bournemouth Wedding at the Town Hall – Part One

  • Michelle Stone

    beautiful work and I love that bouquet!

  • Jennifer

    Brilliant photography – full on sun too!! Looks a lovely wedding, adore the Scrabble cuff-links 🙂

  • Cherrill & Christine - Potter and Pollard

    Lovely ,lovely photos, looked a wonderful day – the bride the image of her mum.

  • Oliver Watson

    Fantastic work. Inspirational even! Great photography, you clearly love what you do and it shines through with each capture.

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