Sarah and James’ Wedding at Victoria Park Methodist Church and Key West, Bournemouth

Sarah and James got married last weekend and we couldn’t have hoped for a more pleasant start to our wedding season with such a lovely, kind crowd.

Pretty much everyone had travelled especially for the day, including Sarah and James who live in Birmingham. Bournemouth was a spot picked for the special day as it was an old uni destination of Sarah’s. Whilst she was living down here Sarah attended Victoria Park Methodist Church regularly and so, this was the obvious choice for the wedding ceremony. However, in an extra special twist, the ceremony was to be lead by Sarah’s Dad who took the service and did a perfect job.

The Chocolate Boutique Hotel played host to the bridal preps in the morning. The abundance of free sweet treats played a part in this choice and provided a good accompaniment to breakfast Buck’s Fizz.

Sarah and James put up with appalling weather during their Engagement Shoot the last time they came down to Bournemouth and we were so happy they had much better luck for their wedding. The report at the start of the day was extremely dire but with every hour the rain kept getting pushed further back. Just another example of why it’s absolutely pointless getting obsessed over wedding reports before your big day. Other than a bit of crazy wind (which you’re always going to get at the end of a Pier) the rain only began to lash it down once we’d packed our kit into the car at the end of the day.

The evening reception was lots of fun and the guests made the most of the setting, having great fun and frolics at the end of the pier. We had great fun during their couple shoot. Sarah and James also took some time out to have a bit of fun in the arcade – here, their luck ended and they came away empty handed and about £1 down.

The dance floor was suitably packed for the evening with a lovely atmosphere. This may have had something to do with the consumption of bright blue Slush Puppies from Key West’s bar and wedding favour M&Ms.

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4 comments on “Sarah and James’ Wedding at Victoria Park Methodist Church and Key West, Bournemouth

  • Angela Ward Brown

    As skilled & thoughtful as ever – I love those seaside colours!

  • Simon Clark

    These are really great photos – you’ve done an amazing job!

  • Jorina

    I love these colours!

  • Emma Wilson

    The photo of James and Sarah on the deckchairs isn’t just the best wedding photo I’ve ever seen – it’s also art. You’ve managed to take a photo that says exactly who they are, that also shows them both looking lovely and that is also just a great photo even if one had never met them. Brilliant.

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