Andy & Nicola’s Wedding Reception at The Chine Hotel – Part Two

Following on from Part One

We had a quick chat with Andy a couple of days before the wedding and he told us of a last-minute addition to the day – an ice-cream bike, courtesy of Frankies Ice Cream. This was a real treat for the guests as they arrived at The Chine Hotel for the wedding reception. It was certainly the weather for it. We did note a few guests went back for more than one to “sample” the different flavours. Andy and Nicola also told us they had to endure a tasting session at the shop in Poole to decide what flavour combinations they’d have on the day. Mmmmm.

We had to compete with the ice-cream man whilst we took our group shots in the garden (hardest competition, ever!) and then it was soon time for the wedding breakfast inside the hotel.

The tables looked fantastic, packed full of detail and flowers. Flowers bloomed out of white bird cages for the table centres and there were lots of pretty butterfly decorations everywhere, including on the cake.

The speeches took place after the meal, teamed along with a number of sweepstakes including speech lengths and trouser waist size.

While the bride and groom finished off their coffees we quickly snapped up the bridesmaids…

… Then we made our way down the convenient path to the beach. It was still pretty packed down there but we managed to find a couple of quiet spots. Massive smiles to the guy running the take away who enthusiastically got into role pretending to serve the Bride and Groom chips.

Posted with thanks and congratulations to Nicola and Andy. We had bags of fun with you both on your wedding day and your pre-wed shoot!

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6 comments on “Andy & Nicola’s Wedding Reception at The Chine Hotel – Part Two

  • Shirley Lee

    Fabulous photos, lovely reminders of a wonderful day.

  • Clare

    Still addicted to your blog even after our wedding! These photographs are great!

  • Wow! It is so nice to see these incredible photos. Everything looks beautiful! I had such fun making the arrangements and thank you again for that opportunity! x

  • Mike and Kerry Patton

    wow, what fantastic photographs – a great reminder of a wonderful day

  • Jon

    Think I’m in love with the bridesmaids. Is that so wrong?

    Great work guys.

  • Colino

    What great day and the pics came out fantastickly… must definately be worth entering wedding pics of the contest….. lots of love…

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