Becky and Sam’s Wedding at Lady St Mary Church and Wareham Rugby Club


Becky and Sam worked very hard to plan and co-ordinate their wedding. Very much a ‘Do-It-Yourself’ affair they arranged for a marquee to be set up at Swanage & Wareham RFC. They decorated the tent themselves (with Sam’s sister penning all of the signage and doing a superb job of it too). Bournemouth-based Recruitment agency, Platinum was used to hire waiting staff for the day and Sam’s uncle of NCP Catering Solutions dished up the food.

The day started with guests gathering at the Rugby Club for a pre-ceremony drink whilst Becky and her Bridesmaids got ready at Becky’s Dad’s home. After a short drive to Wareham the ceremony took place at Lady St. Mary.

Becky and Sam had arranged for us to spend some time in The Priory‘s gardens next to the Church for some photos whilst guests made their way back to the Rugby Club for the afternoon reception.

Once there, the day and evening was very relaxed. People had fun playing croquet on the field and things got competitive on the Table Tennis table.

After dinner guests enjoyed dancing and shaking tambourines to the tunes of local musician, Jim Etherington.

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Thank you so much for doing the photography at our wedding. We absolutely adore the photos you have taken and will treasure them forever.

You captured the day perfectly and it has been amazing to go back through the photos and re-live the day – they are a wonderful reminder of how magical it was, so thank you.

The whole experience – from meeting you initially to discuss the ideas, the Couple’s Shoot at Durdle Door and the wedding was fantastic. You were very professional and lots of our friends and family have said how great the photos are.

It has been lovely to work with you and we feel very lucky to have found you. We will definitely recommend you!

Becky & Sam

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