Ross & Nicola’s Church & Barn Wedding at Barford Park, Salisbury


Settle down with a cup of tea and a slice of cake ready to look through the photos from Ross & Nicola’s wedding day last week. It’s a biggy (so you’ll be pleased of some refreshments) but there’s a point in this post where you’ll definitely be drooling after cake.

The day was action-packed, taking in three beautiful venues and a whole host of wonderful, thoughtful details. We knew there would be plenty in store and we had a sneak preview of what was planned as Ian helped design the wedding stationery with his Swash and Fold hat on, including invites from the day (for which I cut out (what felt like) a million records on a rotary cutter… but that’s another story, which you can read about, here).

We were lucky enough to start our 12-hour day at The Pig in Brockenhurst. This is one of our favourite places and it always has such a beautiful atmosphere and we can’t think of a better place to start a wedding day. We know we’re due to shoot more bridal preps later in the year at The Pig on The Beach in Studland but if anyone’s thinking of having a wedding here… you know… here’s the Contact Us page 😉

It was lovely to work alongside the very talented ladies, Caroline and Elke from Amazing Face, who did a superb job on hair and Nicola’s make-up. And the ever reliable Dorset Dub Hire provided the transport in their VW Campers.

Ross and Nicola got married at the very pretty St Michael and All Angels Church in Hinton Admiral and their ceremony took place in the late morning, leaving plenty of time to enjoy their reception at Barford Park in Downton near Salisbury.

Guests were transported between the two venues by a vintage double decker bus and it was here Ian and I split up, with Ian following the bridal party on their request to take in a few photos with the Campers in the New Forest whilst I enjoyed the sing-a-longs on the bus.

We were at Barford Park at the start of this month for the wedding of Georgia and Toby and when we first went to check out the venue with them it was clear this was a venue suited to those keen on a DIY wedding. Being a blank canvas there really are no rules on what can be achieved.

We can’t think of many other places where the Groom could have scope to utilise their skills and build not one, but two performance stages; one for the band and another for an open mic stage for all their musical friends to entertain guests later on in the day.

Food-wise we were very lucky to work for the first time with catering company, Ginger. We were extremely impressed by the laid-back but extremely organised skills of this caterer and they were a pleasure to work alongside.

And if guests weren’t full enough from the Ginger’s delicious food and Wood-Fired pizza from an Airstream in the evening the very impressive Naked Cake was baked by Great British Bake Off winner, Frances Quinn.

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Thank you so much for all the photos. You’ve captured our day perfectly. We hardly noticed you ever taking pictures – you have really captured every moment so perfectly and they tell the story of the day. The photos are all just stunning, and we can’t stop looking at them, especially as there are so many details of the day we seemed to miss. It’s wonderful looking back through all the memories.

Ross & Nicola

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5 comments on “Ross & Nicola’s Church & Barn Wedding at Barford Park, Salisbury

  • Sally

    Love love love this, it’s beautiful, the photos are stunning and completely capture the day so well. It was our pleasure to work alongside you both

  • Annabel Beeforth

    This is gorgeous work team BB and I can’t wait to share this beautiful wedding on Love My Dress!

  • Awesome photography we loved doing Nicolas hair and makeup and you captured her perfectly

  • Steve

    You captured every moment so great!

  • Steve

    Wow this photos are so breathtaking!

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