Beckie and Mike’s Wedding Prep at Sandbanks

Beckie and Mike are getting married in just over a month with a church ceremony in Bournemouth followed by a reception and party at the Sandbanks Hotel in Poole. We met up last weekend for our wedding prep to talk through their times and to meet Mike for the first time.

With a handy couple of steps down to the beach from their hotel we took a few tester photos to show them it’s not very scary having portraits taken. Despite telling us how nervous they were they got into the swing of it after about….ooh.. ten seconds!

Here’s what we came up with …

Alex and Annette’s Wedding Day at Larmer Tree Gardens – Part One

Alex and Annette have lots of things in common with us; a love of a certain pirate-themed point-and-click computer game, the general worshipping of Dr Buckles and Dr Sexy (that’s Adam and Joe to you), a tendency to listen to songs from the soundtrack from the film Labyrinth as well as a passion for less cool things …like cross-stitching. The list goes on.

We first became acquainted through Twitter a couple of years back and it gradually dawned on us that not only did we like lots of the same things, we also knew some of the same people. It just seemed weird how our paths hadn’t crossed sooner. So it made us happy when we got this enquiry through our website:

“Our venue is the Larmer Tree Gardens. They have multiple ponds, deck chairs, giant jenga, peacocks and the second biggest monkey head I’ve ever seen*.

P.S Please say yes

May not be true”

Obviously we said “yes”.

One thing stood out during our day with them at the Larmer Tree and that was how enthusiastic and supportive all their family and guests were. Everyone had such a ball and it was obvious they were all so glad these two had finally gotten round to getting hitched.

The day kicked off with morning preps in Merley and Ringwood. Firstly, I should apologise to Annette’s Dad who I gather had spent a long time getting the back garden neat and trimmed ready for my arrival… only for me to head straight for the pile of stones hidden around the side of the house. It was just crying out for a pair of bridal shoes to be photographed on it!

Meanwhile, Ian met up with Alex and his parents’ house to photograph whatever it is men do before a wedding (from experience this mostly involves failing to conquer button holes and buffet-eating).

The bridal party made their way to Larmer Tree in a VW Camper Van whilst Annette and her Dad travelled in a Hackney Carriage Taxi. The taxi had a hole in it, plugged up with a toy mouse.

Annette was STUPIDLY excited about marrying Alex. There was a lot of cheering, jumping, air-punching and skipping going on.

The ceremony took place in the Larmer Tree’s Pavilion building. Having been there on exactly the same day just a week before we’d already made friends with the registrars.

Post-ceremony beer. I have to agree with Annette on this… there is nothing more refreshing and needed. Champagne simply doesn’t quench that thirst.

Having said that, who says Champagne, Beer and Mint Choc Chip ice-cream don’t mix?

Continues in Part Two

Alex and Annette’s Wedding Day at Larmer Tree Gardens – Part Two

Carrying on from Part One

The drinks reception was held in front of the Singing Theatre where Alex’s Dad and band partner entertained the guests with some music.

Meanwhile, the pavilion was efficiently turned around for the wedding breakfast. Alex and Annette go to the zoo. A lot. So the names for the table centres were pretty easy to think up. The flowers in pots looked brilliant, teamed along with miniature moss in pots for the place settings.

Some time should be spent here acknowledging the skill of Larmer Tree’s wedding co-ordinator, Gail. We have worked with a good few now and she is by far one of the most pleasant, hard-working and competent ladies we’ve come across.

Wedding breakfast time!

We’ve had such rubbish weather this past month or so and much darker evenings than we should have throughout August. Luckily, we managed to get the last slither of dusk light before the evening kicked off.

“WOW – a cake!”

Alex and Annette’s First Dance was pretty spectacular. Lulling everyone into a false sense of security with an understated shuffle to “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” they then proceeded to bust out some seriously big showtime moves. Amazing stuff!

We’ve already ranted and raved about her before, but our good friend, Charlotte aka. DJ Chaka Kant (and randomly also an old school pal of Alex) entertained the troops with her fantastic dancefloor-fillers. Ever the conscientious DJ who takes pride in her work she even put together a little Spotify playlist for the couple after the wedding night so they could relive the action whenever they felt like it. You can listen to it here if you like, too!

Posted with thanks and congratulations to Alex and Annette x

Carly and Nick’s Wedding Prep Shoot in Sandbanks

We met up with Carly, Nick and their very cute Cocker Spaniel puppy, Archie on a blustery afternoon to go through the timings of their wedding. They’re getting married soon at Cafe Shore in Sandbanks, Poole and it gave us a good chance to take some test shots on the beach over the road.

Archie stole the show a little bit. The amount of people that stopped us mid-shoot to have a play with him was crazy. Here’s what we snapped up in between nearly being blown away and potential dognapping incidents…

We’re looking forward to your day, Carly and Nick!

Sam & Stephen’s Wedding at Larmer Tree Gardens – Part One

Sam and Stephen regularly frequent Larmer Tree Gardens, but they’re more used to turning up with their tents rather than dressed in their finest. You see, they’re avid music fans and Larmer Tree is well-known for its music festivals (in fact, in good timing this weekend it’s playing host to the End of the Road Festival).

How amazing then they were able to find a wedding venue so perfectly suited to them. When they return for future festivals they’ll be able to relive their wedding day over again. Oh, and it’s also just a very pretty place to get married.

Things kicked off for us just before the ceremony where we met up with Stephen, the groom and all the guests outside the Pavilion. Sporting a smashing new hair do and the best suit and bow tie combo we’ve ever seen, there was some time for everyone to settle their nerves with a cheeky swig of Jagermeister from the emergency hip flask before Sam arrived and everyone was ushered in.

Sam looked beautiful in her Temperley lace dress, Vivienne Westwood shoes (she had another pair of Westwood jelly flats for later in the day – what a lucky girl!), polished off with a very pretty, gold Alex Monroe necklace. Sam’s Dad possibly stole the show on the shoe-front though, with his zazzy Converse trainers. Best Father of the Bride shoes, ever!

Time to get wed…


And then it was on to the garden near the Singing Theatre to carry on with the party.

Sam and Stephen’s Wedding at Larmer Tree Gardens continues in Part Two

Larmer Tree Gardens – Sam & Stephen’s Wedding Day – Part Two

Carrying on from Part One…

There are lots of games and gadgets to keep wedding guests happy at Larmer Tree and the drinks reception took place amid Space Hopper duels, bridal Jenga tournaments, wind-swept Badmington and peacock chasing. The canapes looked pretty delicious too.

The garden was filled with music as the guests were entertained by the band The Wave Pictures.

It has come to our attention the rules of the bouquet toss are getting a little relaxed. We’ve had married woman determined to join in on the fun lately, but the inclusion of the Bride’s Father is a new one to us. He was very competitive about it too!

A word of advice though, a pre-teen will always reign triumphant – they’re smaller and niftier, you see.

We had a little bit of time to take some portraits of Sam and Stephen around the grounds before it was time for the wedding breakfast. Starting off with a pose on the Magic Tree (they always have their picture taken on this when they come to their festivals).

The music theme carried on through to the meal where each table was assigned a different genre. There were lots of pretty garden flowers dotted around the tables in dainty cases, jugs and bottles.

The speeches took place after the meal and were pretty emotional. Stephen is the only groom we’ve ever seen to receive a standing ovation – needless to say, it was a good speech.

It was getting dark just before we left everyone to enjoy there evening but there was just time to capture one last shot before the sun went down.

We thoroughly enjoyed our day with you, Sam & Stephen. Posted with thanks and congratulations x