About Us

We’re Emma and Ian. We’ve been married for seven years and we live in Poole. We’ve just moved into our new home and when we’re not in front of cameras or computers we are working hard to get our head around gardening and replacing skirting boards and running around rescuing socks from our puppy, Indie. We’re really passionate about music and on the occasion where we aren’t at a wedding on Saturday you might be able to find Ian DJing in Bournemouth being a resident DJ at Sixty Million Postcards in Bournemouth. When not whiling away any spare time knitting and crocheting Emma can often be found practising five-beat riffs and Suzie Qs in her Tap Dancing shoes. Ian also has his own web and print design business – Swash and Fold – working for some fantastic and inspirational people in the wedding industry including Love My Dress, Pocketful of Dreams, Whimsical Wonderland Weddings and local wedding planners Bellissimo Weddings and Events amongst others.


- Emma -

After studying Contemporary Media at Uni (which now turns out to be not so contemporary as digital photography didn’t exist back then) I fluked my way into starting my first job, picking out photos for the covers of Fiction books and New Scientists. Not content with having to travel on the Tube every day I moved back home to Dorset and starting work as a writer and reviewer for Digital Photography Made Easy magazine.

Whilst reviewing camera kit and gallavanting about on press trips a boss of a camera company got drunk in the mountains of Gran Canaria and presented a load of journalists, including me, with my first SLR and a lens kit. I’m still faithful to that brand today. I got my head around the photo processing by working as Editor for Advanced Photoshop magazine, commissioning work, helping design the mag, sorting budgets and meeting some amazing artists, illustrators and photographers. All of this set me up pretty well for venturing into the world of freelance.

Back in 2007, my old uni friend asked me and Ian to shoot her wedding (our first). Knowing how much she loved her photos we decided to see if anyone else wanted us to take their wedding photos. Seven years and 150+ weddings later.. here we are!

- Emma's Instagram -

  • SUPing with @kirstylady yesterday..Which is now our new hobby because we have done it once.
I'd like to l know how I was able to do a Plank and Downward Dog floating on the board ... but fell in dramatically when the instructor pointed out a dog on a boat. 🐶
  • We spend an awful lot of time sat in car parks on our own getting annoyed at people together. We are Statler and Waldorf.He makes grumbly noises at everyone who gets on my nerves as well... noisy, shouty people, people who walk along looking at their phones, people who wear grim tracksuit bottoms, people who drop litter, people who wear Beats headphones... 💕🐶
  • Flowers picked from my garden this morning. All grown from seed by me.Just wish I knew how to make Pompons round. There's a trick about cutting a leaf at growth stage or something but I've forgotten and can't find it anywhere. Anyone know?#dahlia #dahilas #aster #pompon #coltness #figaro #bridesmaid #flowers #gardening #garden #cakenportgarden #pink #coral #fromseed #pomponfail
  • Post Pilates pick-up. Went in during a dark and windy thunderstorm wet from running around a car park saving strangers' cars from runaway trollies. Then it cleared as the class went on and the light was amazing. I was feeling all calm and lovely... Then got in the car and it was all manic again!
  • A bit of the Tap revue yesterday. I'm mostly 2nd from left next to our lovely, patient teacher @holly.victoria.may showing me up🙈 Always have a laugh being with these ladies and the Revue is a bit of fun to end to the term..
  • Dress Rehearsal time!#tap #cabaret #endofterm #showtime #suzieq

- Ian -

University for me on the other hand was mostly spent working on the student newspaper in Cardiff, where as music editor I was able to take my fill of all the gigs and music an exciteable Britpop fan (it was the mid-90s!) could ask for. That was also where I first got to grips with the joys of print design and layout, and wrangled some of the earliest versions of Photoshop.

After moving back to Dorset, I took a full-time position in a garden centre and waited for the job of “web geek” to be invented. Eventually the internet became a thing and people realised they wanted websites. I got myself on a course to learn HTML, and things sort of went from there. The web got big really fast, and soon I was part-time lecturing in multimedia, before finally finding my feet as Creative Director for a web agency.

Fast forward to a couple of years ago, when I took the plunge and joined Emma in the world of freelance. I now have my own design business (Swash and Fold), and when not helping Emma shoot weddings I split my time between designing lots of lovely printed things for people getting married, and building websites for the likes of www.lovemydress.net and whimsicalwonderlandweddings.com. Oh, and this one of course!

- Ian's Instagram -

  • Don't even think about it, sonny jim. I don't have your towel in the car...
  • Massive blueberry envy down at @trehaneblueberrypyo this afternoon! My piddly little bushes at home have only got a couple of dozen berries on each. Maybe one day...
  • Dull and dingy day in the kitchen, so breaking out the chilli lights to perk things up a bit! 🌶🌶🌶
  • Amazing to be able to go and pull up an onion when needed! A bit mutant and bolty, but so so handy when you've got a glut of courgettes and need to rustle up a random pasta bowl. The tumbling toms are also getting a look in tonight!#plottoplate #homegrown #kitchengarden #cakenportgarden #suppertime #fresh #homemade #thegoodlife #howtogrowbook #onmyplate #whatsfortea
  • Old wallpaper... The gift that keeps on giving! A new layer reveals itself. Any more under there??
  • Ripping out the built in cupboards in the bungalow and stripping the woodchip is revealing a whole lot of layers! #patterns #texture #homerenovation #wallpaper #midcenturymodern #1950s

- Indie's Instagram -

  • I went on a play date today. So I have another girlfriend! This is my new pal Poco. We played chase and had a nice time until another dog got jealous and pushed me into the stream :( #playdate #jackachuachua #cockapoo #puppylove #friends #dogwalking #mynewfriend #cockapoosofinstagram #f2cockapoo #f2cockapoopuppy
  • I want to play all day and I don't care if Big Dog and Big Noodle are trying to work.#playwithme #kong #kongwubba #playtime #cockapoo #hyper #talkingdog #letmework #letmeplay #cockapoosofinstagram #cockapoopuppy
  • I'm not too big for a cuddle with my Big Dog. Even though I am a heavy pup now.#cockapoo
#stillapuppy #cuddles #ilovemypuppy #ilovemydog #bestfriends
  • I have had such a boring week after having my Boy Op :( Been really fed up and not been able to burn off energy so I have wrecked everything. Today I smashed a big glass frame and that was the tip of the iceberg of this week.#postop #bored #fedup #missthebeach #hyperdog #missmydogfriends #iwanttoplay
  • If they think I don't need my balls I think they don't need their carpet and underlay.Call it Karma.#karma #destruction #destructivemood #payback #bored #carpetnomore #badday #cockapoo #naughty #postop #notallowedout #boredombuster
  • They got rid of my boy bits and then dressed me up like a  Pierrot :_( I am NOT happy.#pierrot #snipsnip #puppy #fancydress #vets #badday #cockapoo #worstdayever #cockapoosofinstagram